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Hi all!

Apologies for the late PEBKAC Show episode. Due to some bad scheduling, and the person I had lined up for an interview pulling out at the last minute, I have to re record parts of the show, then edit it all back together.

It should be completed in the next 48 hours or so.

Thanks for being patient!

Seems texting using on also works on ! Let's see when Dialer will work on this by @thepine64

We are pleased to announce the roll out of Ubuntu Touch OTA-20 has begun. Full details can be found in the accompanying blog post:

@martijnbraam It kinda does. Especially the chromatic aberration around the fringe of objects. There is also a distinct amount of grain in there too. Very good :)

Since people have said the camera has an old film look. Here's a comparison to actual film.

The first one is Kodak 200ASA film and the right one is

Rose shot on Kodak 200ASA film Rose shot on the PinePhone

This is our first release of @ManjaroLinuxARM featuring for the . It ships with 5.16-rc2 kernel. For the regular by @thepine64 we use 5.15 LTS.

So far 's system prompts had no way to express the input purpose as used underneath didn't yet support it, hence e.g. a SIM card pin prompt would bring up a full keyboard instead of just a keypad.

After patching , , and gnome-settings-deamon this is how it looks like atm:

PIN input with #phosh and #squeekboard

@room FluffyChat 1.0.0 has been released featuring a new design, a lot of bug fixes, better performance, a theme switcher, end to end encryption by default, better spaces support and much much more!

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Two screenshots of the FluffyChat app. Chat view and chat list view.

@minkiu I followed the guide on the wiki ( It's very detailed and accurate. I took many pictures and I plan on adding them to the wiki!

Here it is peeps, 5.16-rc1 + @postmarketOS up and running on the @shiftphones SHIFT6mq. Most things seem to work (including the modem) But unfortunately WiFi is having some issues.

Thanks a lot to @glundner (@shiftphones) for bringing up initial touch and display support.

coreboot victory! I need to fit this with its new msata disk and then I can linuxify it

The seventy-fourth edition of my weekly collection of news about (@PINE64 , , @purism and such), , is out!

This week in Linux Phones: 1.5.0, 1.0, running on two more devices, adds support for another Snapdragon 845-based phone, backplate fun and more!

We know it's been a little while, but we finally got ready for a new Stable update!

Enjoy 41, 1.0 5.23.3 and lots of other goodies.

Did you know that you can remotely build, run and debug software running on the @PINE64 using ?

Remember when you could boot a livecd on your PC? Would sure be nice if you could do that on your phone, try out some new OS for example...

pkgdesc="initfs hook to liveboot (from RAM) a rootfs"

(3/3) After flashing + comparing (file integrity), w/move to a complete beginner walkthrough: installing Pop!_OS, including /#Infosec advice for setup, along the way.

🔒 💻

Avoid downloads by comparing for file integrity (avoid () file swaps/bad downloads). (PGP signatures for future video)
🔒 linux

TIP: Where possible, compare to checksums listed on separate server (such as gitlab project) from download server (helps further verify integrity).

We download & Pop!_OS Linux in this example & install it next!

On :

Seems like the builder SSD is now having issues, it somehow slows down to a snail, even plugging the drive into my computer takes a long time for it to finally initialize.

Anyone know what's wrong? SMART still says OK, but I'm going to back it up.

I wrote a blog post about adding ad blocking to , it's actually easier than I thought. Let me know what you think!